Experts of our company - Tribün Kft (Tribün Ltd) - have long years experience in the construction of a variety of amphitheatres, viewing stands and mobile tribunes installed inland and abroad. Be it a raised viewing stand, or a fixed one, or a less sophisticated mobile tribune, or maybe a standing one, our company is pleased to satisfy its clients’ most individual requirements referring to the selling and the rent of our outdoor and indoor stand systems.

Beside the production and sales, you have the opportunity for renting our stand systems for a long term run (we can offer a rent even for one or two seasons). We can also supply you with our products of different forms and sizes, thanks to the almost infinite variations of its consisting elements.

Be it a sport related or a cultural event, we are ready to work you out a construction which fully complies with your requirements.

In our portfolio you can find fixed and mobile stands, stages, stadium chairs, chair mantles, as well as stage technique systems (lighting and acoustic holders, panels and scenery elements).

Our stadium chairs and chair mantles meet the applicable production standards, their reinforced back-rest can easier withstand all the possible injuries which may occur.

Along the past few years we have taken part in several investments of high priority. You can find some related details on our webpage, under the Gallery menu item.

Please contact us via one of our contact details to provide you with our free of charge proposal as soon as possible!

Tribün Kft. (Tribün Ltd.)

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